Real Estate Closings

Residential real estate closings, for the purchase of your next home and/or sale of your current home, are handled by our knowledgeable real estate staff

We will work with you and your realtor first-hand from start to finish, and, with our skilled real estate paralegals, preparation and execution of all necessary documents are done efficiently on a cost-effective basis. Our independent dual calendaring system ensures deadlines are always met well in advance eliminating any delays to ensure timely closings.

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Our legal fee is $650 for a standard closing plus closing costs (unless realtor promotional rate applies).

We also provide a priority closing service in which your real estate transaction is prioritized to assigned senior paralegal to accelerate the scheduling of the closing with daily phone calls and return calls, texts, emails, title examination, realtor follow up and follow through, and loan financing with your banking officer.

Closing costs include all applicable county recording filing fees and related expenses associated with closing. Additional paperwork to resolve unforeseen issues beyond a standard closing, drafting of necessary affidavits to clear title and/or complete the purchase/sale, review and preparation of a title curative report, and orders for new/updated abstract of title and/or land survey, tax information/receipts needed to complete the closing, and review/drafting/negotiation of early occupancy agreements will be separately billed at our discounted hourly rate.

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There is no charge for the initial consultation. Our Practice Areas.

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