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At Fiorella & Schwind, LLP, we can help you.

We are dedicated to advocating your position in the most persuasive way by designing a strategy that is simple, clear, concise and direct to resolve legal disputes in an advantageous and cost effective manner.

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Since every case is unique, to effectively communicate your position Peter J. Fiorella, III and Richard G. Schwind will utilize their skills developed through more than 35 years of public service as members of the Surrogate’s Court staff where on a daily basis they met “face-to-face” with attorneys and members of the public to preliminarily resolve various estate, trust, real estate, guardianship, and wrongful death issues and then thereafter litigated proceedings were commenced. We also conducted hundreds of pretrial hearings to resolve disputed issues before formal trials were started, and, with years of that courtroom experience as former court hearing referees, our practice has been further enhanced in regard to contested litigated issues if judicial resolution is necessary.

Our approach as well as our founding principle is simple: Help resolve complex legal issues with common sense easy to appreciate practical answers.

We will utilize our knowledge of the law, practice and procedure, and extensive experience at the courthouse to represent you in times of opportunity or difficulty with understanding and compassion.

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