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Legal Eagle

Mr. Fiorella is an outstanding lawyer I call him the “LEGAL EAGLE” His sharp and to the point answers delivered in the FIORELLA STYLE make him the best of the best. You become more informed of the process and what to expect. And he REALLY CARES about the person and what they are going through. No matter the question is he HANDLES IT!

- (5 star review)

Excellent in Explaining in Simple Terms

I was dealing with a Trustee to which he was withholding information as such to weather or not I was a beneficiary. Made any try to get this information it was almost impossible until I consulted with Peter J. Fiorella.

Peter was extremely helpful you can tell that he pay attention to the issue at stake. It is clear that the knowledge he has when it comes to a trust litigation matter. It was a difficult time for me with very difficult people to deal with. Without a doubt, I would not have made it without his generosity for his help and advice and what can I do to make things move in the right direction. Peter really got every nuance of all the characters and completely understood my position and what I wanted.

Peter guided me through the process legally, and emotionally, explaining the process and my options until I could understand. Peter understood me. He listened to me.
Professionally you can tell he cared. Only good person can be an exceptional attorney. and base on my interaction with him, he decently performed above five star.

- (5 star review)

Trustee and Estate Beneficiary Client

Peter started defending me, in Surrogate’s Court, which engagement continued for several years. He has continued to represent me on Trust and Estate matters. Over the years, Peter used several creative and useful ideas. I commend Peter on his ethical approaches and for recommending one particular settlement; something that I can always be glad we attempted. When I was keen on one plan of action, Peter had us discuss the matter with the Trustee first, which uncovered several risks and we changed course. Peter is detail oriented for Surrogate’s Court procedures. When other skill sets were needed, Peter did not hesitate to bring them in. Late evening calls from Peter, on weekends or on his way to Court were not unusual. He was committed, and he demonstrated time and again his dedicated and excellent professionalism for my matters.

- (5 star review)

Deed, Citation, Joint Bank Account

Peter John Fiorella – What can I say he is from heaven! He spoke to me on several topics in great length and detail telling me what to expect giving confidence with his knowledge. He is dedicated to his craft I wish he lived in my (county). EXCELLENT information to pass on to my lawyer! A kind and caring individual.

- (5 star review)

Very knowledgeable & takes the time to explain details

Mr. Fiorella responded to my legal questions quickly and gave me some excellent information that I was not aware of. He knows his stuff! I wish he practiced in the (NYC) metropolitan area!

- (5 star review)

Voluntary Administrator of Estate

By his actions during an extended period of time Attorney Fiorella demonstrated an outstanding knowledge of applicable law to include the judiciary system, and a deep concern for representing his client in a conscientious and cost-effective manner.

- (5 star review)

Estate planning client

Pete Fiorella III is hugely knowledgeable & greatly responsive. He was always able to answer questions and provide choices in regards to estate planning and will development. I was always comfortable meeting with him. He is a lawyer I trust & will continue to work with him as his services are needed.

- (5 star review)

Extremely impressed

I was extremely impressed with your paralegal’s professionalism and knowledge.

- (5 star review)

Genuine Thanks!

I just wanted to thank you again for all your assistance during my recent purchase of 92 S*********. You were utterly FANTASTIC throughout the ENTIRE process!

I was very pleased with your response time to any question I had and you helped make the first time purchase a lot less stressful.

Please rest assured that I will give you the absolute BEST possible recommendation EVERY time I speak with someone who is looking for a real estate attorney. And I already explained to you my company’s current engagements for real estate law; but, to all the applicable persons within Life Storage, I will still happily and actively be passing along your contact info and describing how spectacular you were throughout my own home-buying experience. After all, it can’t hurt, and you TRULY were spectacular in everything you did for me!

Anyway, thanks once more and take care!

- (5 star review)

Just AWESOME!!!!!!

My wife and I had two consultations with Peter, about a matter and he ended up spending more time with us than the time limit given at appointment time……He was very professional, I loved his laid-back but analytical style, like talking to your average guy…….You definitely know he knows what he talking about…….He literally helped us out in more ways than one……Very satisfied with the man as well as his knowledge of the portion of the law which he practices….

Bottom Line: HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!!!!!!

- (5 star review)

Very friendly and helpful

Your office were very friendly and helpful in assisting me with the sale of my house.

- (5 star review)

So sorry I waited…

I was reluctant to consider hiring a new attorney to handle my daughter’s estate case. I knew I’d wasted precious time with the wrong lawyer, enduring delays and mistakes, yet I was still apprehensive, afraid that changing attorneys midstream would only make matters worse and take even longer. I’d done a significant amount of research that led me to Mr. Fiorella. In desperation I finally called his office. Not only did he get back to me very quickly, to my surprise, he returned my call on a holiday and met with me that same day. I was impressed and quite honestly, overwhelmed with his knowledge and mastery of the field of law in which he practices, citing chapter and verse of the same. He was an incredible wealth of information in this consultation and there was no hesitation whatsoever to retain Mr. Fiorella before leaving his office. I was wrong in thinking he would simply take my case over and finish it expeditiously though. He doesn’t utilize another attorney’s work and sign his name to the petitions and paperwork. When he takes on a client, he makes the case his OWN in it’s entirety. It becomes personal. It’s important to him and it shows. He knows what he’s doing and he does things the right way, the correct way to ensure there are no delays and no mistakes. Since accepting me as a client, he has been nothing short of amazing. He possesses the reassuring confidence that I need while being attentive, supportive, patient with my endless questions, understanding and on point 24/7. I appreciate the personal touch he gives that others overlook. Although our case hasn’t come to completion yet, I am further ahead now in just a couple months than I was in almost a year with my previous attorney. I am incredibly grateful to have found Peter and have complete faith in his ability to get the job done. My only regret is that I waited so long… I will undoubtedly be posting a success story at the conclusion of this case and I look forward to working with Mr. Fiorella in the future as well.

If you are looking for an attorney who knows EXACTLY what he’s doing, Peter Fiorella III is a smart choice…and should be the ONLY choice if you want things done RIGHT the first time.

- (5 star review)

The best!!!!

Mr. Fiorella was able to guide me with no nonsense info within minutes that other lawyers (law firms that I have contacted in New Jersey and New York) were unable/unwilling to help me!!!!

- (5 star review)

Thank you, Peter.

Hi you recently answered a question for me about my mothers passing and what to do from another country to find the beneficiaries of her 401k & (assets). I applaud your response and respect to my situation. Immaculate detail on the next steps I have to take. I really appreciate your time for that. Time is a very expensive resource to me and I feel like you went above and beyond for me in the aspect of a free website. Thank you again kindly.

- (5 star review)

Excellent lawyer!

Peter’s attention to detail and superior knowledge of the WNY Surrogate Court system is second to none. Throughout my estate case, he was prompt, precise and trustworthy. I could not have asked for a better representative for myself and my mother. Enrolling his services was the best decision I could have made!

- (5 star review)

Great Lawyer

Our case was very difficult due to the fact that our mother completely changed her will after our father died. Pete’s attention to details and his relentless determination to get justice for us, gave us hope in a potentially hopeless situation. Without his help, the entire estate could have easily gone to just one sibling. Thank God Pete kept that from happening!

- (5 star review)

Excellent Attorney

I was in surrogate court on a relative’s case and was very impressed with Peter Fiorella III representation of his client. Peter was very prepared and able to respond to issues brought up by the court and opposing counsel. He has an excellent reputation at surrogate’s court and I would certainly recommend him to anyone looking for an estate attorney.

- (5 star review)

Personal Touch!

Peter made it a point to keep my family and myself advised as to how the proceedings were going during a very difficult time in our lives. He always returned our phone calls or emails fast! He proved to us that he truly cares about his clients.

- (5 star review)

Efficient and knowledgable

Peter was able to significantly reduce the time to close my mother’s estate and we were able to avoid many court appearances. I would strongly recommend him for anyone involved in an estate case.

- (5 star review)

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